Aggregate your online life in one place
See all your important online activity in one place by aggregating your emails (iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, other IMAP/POP accounts), social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), online news (CNN, Le Monde, TechCrunch, The Verge, National   Geographic, The Guardian, etc.) and any RSS source you want. You can see everything in the overview with 4 different display modes (Split screen, Cards view, Fast scrolling, Full screen), see the details (text, pictures…) for any item and act on it (eg., forward a mail, see original website, open news in Safari, etc.).



Powerful filters to see what matters to you at this time
You can then quickly make sense of your digital life and quickly see what is important for you at this time by applying smart filters (see only mails, social, news), or contextual filters by profiles (eg., see mails, social and news related to my Work profile or Friends profile), or advanced filter to select specific individual sources. Contextual filters are as powerful as your profiles are and for instance can enable you to click on Family to see mails from your family, updates from your Facebook and a family oriented Twitter account, news from National Geographic, TechCrunch, and pictures from 500px, or click on Work to see mails from your colleagues, updates from you LinkedIn account, and news from the BBC and Quartz.

Define rules to priorities information
Prioritize and color code information from specific people or sources (mail, social accounts or news site) to make sure to always see the most important items at the top of your Stream or in specific colors. You can add as many rules as you want, with as many people and sources within each, and include time intervals to make them more powerful (eg., show all interactions from your boss at the top of your Stream and in red, prioritize friends’ social posts from the last 12 hours, or color code all news from TechCrunch in green).


Save items for later and search across all your online services (unified search)
Bookmark items you want to keep on the side in your Bookmark folder for easy future reference. And search keywords across all your services (mails, social accounts, news) and items (bookmarked or not) to easily and quickly find what you are looking for. You can also perform advanced searches to refine the scope, dates range, type, etc. of your search. All advanced searches are saved for later use for you to find things even faster next time.

Access everything off-line
In Chekk, everything is accessible off-line when you have no network connection, with all data, mails, social posts and news as off the last time you had a connection. It is very useful to still be able to check somebody’s contact details, read the news and your friends’ social activity even when you are in a plane or the subway. You can even keep managing and updating your own data and profiles, create new mails and social posts, bookmark news, etc. and everything will then be released and synchronized the next time you have access to a network connection (cell or wifi).

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