Groups to share with one or many

Create your Public Page visible by all with the specific data fields you are comfortable with the whole world to see in the Chekk App and on the Internet, and private Profiles which contain a specific subset of data shared with a specific subset of people or companies. As usual with Chekk, everything is dynamic and you are in control, which means that any time you update a field it is reflected in your relevant Profiles, and the people you have shared these with will have access to up to date information until you remove their access to these data or Profiles.





Personal visual cards with unlimited layouts

Pages and Profiles are like mobile websites or personal cards which you create very easily just by click, drag and drop. You can either use one of the existing predefined profiles (eg., Family, Friends, Work…) with existing background, layout, fields, etc. to make things faster (and then tailor it after if you want), or create your own layout right away by choosing a background picture, fields, fonts, colors, etc. Public Page and Profiles can have unlimited number of fields and pages, and with all the built-in flexibility the combinations and possibilities are endless.



Easily share with other in the App or via email

You can let people know about your Public Page very easily by sending it over email to anybody not yet using Chekk and you can share you Profiles with other people or companies via the App or over email. To do so, simply add the relevant people or companies in the list or drag and drop one or more Profiles onto the relevant parties in the QuickShare.

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