Easily store and share up-to-date data

Store as much data as you need within as many categories as you want. Chekk enables you to keep everything in one place, be it you personal & professional contact details, passport details, membership & payment cards, wine collection, or whatever matters to you.


You can then decide to share any of this data with any amount of chosen people or companies, or make it public for the whole world to see. To do so, simply add the relevant people or companies in the list or drag and drop the Data onto the relevant parties in QuickShare. Then, every time you update the data, those it is shared with, will see up-to-date information. With Chekk, you are always in control and can decide to remove anybody’s access at any given time.


Request data from clients on Corporate Dashboard

Import data from your existing online services and add more

To add data in Chekk you can create fields yourself one by one, or import them from your existing digital life (eg., social networks, mobile device, etc.), or import some or all data fields from available predefined datasets shared by Chekk or other users (eg., Family, Friends, Work, Membership Cards, Payment Cards, etc.) and then populate these with your own data.



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