Chekk is more than a data storage and sharing tool; a mobile visual cards service to manage your personal and professional brands; and an aggregator of emails, news and social networks. It’s a powerful and secure ecosystem to manage your Digital Identity.

Chekk is a single place to store and manage all your information. Choose what you want to keep private and what you want the world to know. It’s easy to post publicly on your favorite social networks about the party last night; share news or offers sent to you by businesses with a couple friends and start chatting about it; and privately send to specific people or companies your passport details or personal data to open a new bank account or arrange that trip to Bali next month.

Chekk makes it safe and easy for you, and won’t bother anyone you know. Chekk will never spam your iPhone or social networks contacts, only you can send things to them. And with encryption it boosts your security so you can store and share information more securely than most of the services you are already using on your mobile and Internet.

It’s dead easy to start with Chekk: log in with your mail or social account, then pick all the information you want to centralize for yourself, and start sharing the ones you want with others!


Share and collect personal data
Share information with specific groups
Aggregate your online life in one place


Chekk comes in the form of a mobile app which consumers can download to store, manage and share their digital identity and personal data.

The Data module enables individuals to store data attributes such as passport number, issue and expiry dates, front and back copies, copies of pay-slips, etc., neatly organized in categories and easily accessible for reference purposes (better than post-it notes everywhere or documents left at home).

Users can share a specific data point directly from the Data module or use the Profiles modules to segregate information and share a subset of data with specific organizations (banks, travel companies…) which are relevant to these and the relationship (eg., comfortable to share pay-slips with bank but not with travel agent and useful to share hotel card with travel agent but not with banks). Once profiles are created, they make on-going data sharing of up-to-date data much easier thanks to “update once / update all” approach, which means that if a user updates a data field (eg., address), it is updated for all the parties it has been shared with (eg., banks, utility companies…), unless the user has taken access away from them (the consumer is always in control of his/her data).

The Stream enables users to receive secure messages and information from businesses (eg., a bank Relationship Manager sharing information about the realestate market and mortgage rates before requesting data access to fulfill that product), and to aggregate their online activities (news, social…)

Here are some examples of how Chekk’s amazing capabilities can enhance your daily digital life:

  • Store your ID, passport details (inc. pictures of it) and other data point and documents to keep a safe copy in case of emergency (lost document while traveling, flooding at your home, etc.) but also to easily share it with businesses requesting access, like a bank when you open a new account (passport details, date of birth, pay slips, etc.) or the travel agent booking your next holidays flights (passport details, date of birth, meal preferences, airline membership card, etc.)
  • Store and share as appropriate a lot of your data (your vehicles details to share with the garage doing the maintenance, your sport equipment sizes next time you need to rent your gear, etc.)
  • Message and chat with other people, groups of people or companies to discuss about something interesting happening in your life and which you want to share with some of the people you know, or to book a table at a restaurant, or to discuss with your relationship manager at a bank or a telecommunication company you are customer of.
  • Know your brother’s jacket size, discuss with your family, and arrange a common birthday gift
  • Send online news and social posts with specific groups of friends & family to share fun moments and infos

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