Over the last few years, two important and opposite forces have been at play. On one side, consumers are becoming more privacy aware and protective of their personal data following the many security breaches and stories of social engineering, and on the other side, digital strategies and regulations (AML, Sanctions…) are forcing companies to know much more about their customers and refresh it regularly (starting with banks and their KYC / customer due diligence, but already coming to other industries). The only way to reconcile these two forces is to shift personal data ownership from businesses to individuals, to the benefits of both, and this is exactly what Chekk enables.

For consumers, Chekk is a secure data wallet in which users can store their personal data (passport details, source of wealth, membership and payment cards, health information…) and contextualize it by profiles (Banks, Travel agents…) For businesses, Chekk is a platform which enables them to improve customer experience, engage with their customers, and access up-to-date customer information (eg., for banks’ customers due diligence at on-boarding and periodic refreshes to feed into AML and sanctions policies; for government’s data exchange with citizens; for travel agents to gather passport and frequent flyer cards details; etc.)

Dashboard (customers & prospects) Secure data requests & messaging


Businesses can use Chekk to interact with their customers, send messages, share news or relevant information for context, and access customers’ up-to-date data (eg., latest ID details or new contact details to refresh customer file, pay-slips to support a mortgage application, car registration plate and engine number to activate a new insurance, etc.) Businesses can:

    • Equip their staff (eg., sales force, relationship managers…) with the Chekk app to interact with consumers also using the app (BYOA – Bring Your Own App)
    • Use the Chekk set of APIs (Application Program Interface) to perform individual or bulk communication and data requests, either by specific one-off queries or to interface directly with their information system (eg., core banking system or customer information file systems)
    • Coming soon, businesses will also be able to leverage additional capabilities and services to intergrate Chekk further into customer journeys, processes and information systems


 Profiles & Cards to manage and share data Group data into Cards to easily access and share Send alerts, offers, news, statements, etc. to customers you interact with


Some use cases

    • For customers, to differentiate from the competition by leveraging innovative solutions to collect always up to date data provided by customers, chat with them online or engage on social media, support their access to the digital world (inc. news from you), etc.
    • For staff, to enhance collaboration by complementing or replacing their Intranet news, people directory, messaging system (chat with other staff or customers), social media solution (both to listen and engage), etc.
    • For corporate marketing, to promote customer propositions and products in specific profiles and messages